How to Order AXIL Custom Fit Products Online Today!


  1. Order
  2. Get Ear Impressions from an audiologist
  3. Send Ear Impressions into SportEAR
  4. Receive New AXIL|SportEAR Custom Fit Product in the mail!


  1. Carefully Read the Section on Which Product is Right for You
  2. Choose Your New AXIL Custom Fit Product
  3. Place Your Order (Fill in the fields on how to best contact you. Attach a copy of your hearing test if you have one & wish to do so- Not required)
  4. Print Out Your Order Form
  5. Congratulations! You Have Now Successfully Initiated the Process to Get Your AXIL|SportEAR Custom Fit Product!
  6. Our Custom Lab Will Immediately Begin to Build the Internal Technology for Your Product.
  7. One of Our AXIL Certified Hearing Professionals Will Immediately Reach Out to You- According to Your Preferred Method of Contact & Preferred Time- to Arrange an Appointment in a Hearing Clinic in Your Area for You to Go and Have Your Ear Impressions Taken.
  8. Once You Have Your Ear Impressions, Mail Them to the Address on Your Order Form with A Copy of Your Order Form Included.
  9. Once We Receive Your Ear Impressions and Your Order Form, We Will Confirm Receiving These by Email and Begin Making Your Custom Shells. It Will Take 5-10 Business Days to Custom Make Your New AXIL Product from the Day We Receive Your Ear Impressions.
  10. We Will Then Send You an Email Confirmation with Tracking Number that Your New AXIL|SportEAR Product has Been Shipped.

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